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‘Hawkins writes in a sound-language which can be enjoyable and even compelling, ensuring communication at a first hearing’


Odd Ode

In a poetic palinode the writer retracts a view expressed in an earlier piece … but, sadly, like so many other events, the May 27th performance in the wonderful St Anne’s concert series of my own ‘Palinode’ quintet has had to be temporarily retracted!

On Your Own?

For those working from home, here are some pieces I have written for solo instruments you could try!




   Solo ‘Cello
‘Stranger, Lover, Dancer’: Three pieces written for and premiered by Jessie Richardson (of the Piatti Quartet) in the Cheltenham Festival and subsequently played at the Presteigne Festival by Alice Neary. Published by Comus Edition
   Solo Piano
Variations‘: Described by MusicWeb International as ‘A minor masterpiece in its own right’ and recorded by Kathron Sturrock on my ‘Voices from the Sea’ CD
Marcel Morceaux‘ – three pieces in a French mood written in memory of mime artist Marcel Marceau. Not yet performed! – sheet music available from me
   Solo Violin or viola
BoBop‘: a five-minute jazz-inspired showpiece written for Emily Pringle and recorded by Thomas Gould on his ‘Bach to Parker’ CD. Published by Comus Edition
   Solo Oboe
Disturbed Nights‘: increasingly fretful variations written for an oboe-playing baby sitter, recorded by Christopher O’Neal on ‘Voices from the Sea’. Also available for solo flute. Sheet music available from me

In the Stream

SimpliciusIn these locked-down days, many are choosing to hear music streamed to save the postman!
I’m glad to say that both my CDs (‘Voices from the Sea’ and ‘Simplicius’) are available streamed as well as on CD.
For instance these sites can be searched for both CDs. Some pay the composer more than others!

and now QoBuz best-known for hi-res audio

My short String Quartet ‘Fuzon’ and my earlier three movement String Quartet as well as my ‘Urizen’ for viola and piano are available on YouTube in top-notch performances.

John Hawkins composer

John Hawkins studied composition with Malcolm Williamson and Elisabeth Lutyens. He has written a wide range of chamber, vocal, choral and orchestral pieces, which have been performed worldwide.