Great┬áSussex dialect words I’ve plundered for my new ‘Song of Three’ (I must be settling in):
Aggy dumbledore, beazled pug,
Plaguey shimeroys, slabby spud,
Tossicated lubbock, flittermouse farisees,
Chuckle-headed codger – Zackly.

[Aggy – peevish; Dumbledore – bumblebee; Beazled – weary; Plaguey – troublesome; Shimeroys – midges; Slabby – wet, slippery; Spud – for digging; Tossicated – drunk; Flittermouse – bat; Farisees – fairies; Chuckle-headed – daft; Codger – miser]

(… despite the date, this is not an April fool!)