Complete List of Music by John Hawkins


String solos
‘BoBop’ (unaccompanied violin or viola)  1 movement, c.4’30”
Coronach‘ (viola and harpsichord/piano) 1 movement, c.3’
‘Cortège?’ (violin and piano) 1 movement, 5’30”
‘Nocturne’ (violin and piano) 1 movement, 2’00” (a companion piece for ‘Cortège’
‘Intrada, Romanza and Burlesca’ (‘cello and piano) 3 movements, c.11’
‘Looking Back’ (violin and piano) 1 movement, 5’30”
‘Stranger, Lover, Dancer’ (solo ‘cello) 3 movements, c.7’
‘Urizen’ (viola and piano or string orchestra) 1 movement, c.9′
‘Worlds Apart’ (double bass and piano) 1 movement,c.9’

String groups
‘Threnody’ for string orchestra. Rewritten in 2022 from the slow movement of my first string quartet 5’30”
‘Period Pieces’
(2021) four movements for string trio rewritten from the original keyboard version, c. 5’30”
(2020) for viola and guitar 1 movement, c.5’00”
‘Canon and Toccata for Two Violins’ (2020) 2 movements, c. 5’30”
‘At Two’ (2017) 2 movements for two violas, c. 8’30”
‘String Quartet’
(1977) 3 movements, c.16’
‘Caged moon’ (string quartet) 1 movement, 6’30”
‘Fuzon’ (string quartet) two linked movements, 7’
’Seven into Eight’ (string quartet) 1 movement, c.5’
‘Quietus’ (string trio) 1 movement, 4’30”
’Tri’ (6 violas) 3 movements c.10’
‘Gestures’ (viola duo) 1 movement, c.5’
‘Waiting – Tango’ (viola and double bass) 1 movement, c.4’
’These Lovers’ (violin and ‘cello) 1 movement, 5’30”
‘Take Two’ for two guitars a short, sharp showpiece, 2’30”
‘Fauxsong’ for guitar, violin and ‘cello 5’30”

Mixed Ensembles
‘Adding Up’ 2022 (flute, B flat clarinet and piano) 4 movements c. 7′
‘Contra’ 2019 (piano and wind quartet) 1 movement, 6’30”
‘Romantique’ 2017 (flute, viola, piano) 1 movement, 3’30”. Also a version for flute, viola and harp
‘Palinode’ (flute, clarinet, violin, ‘cello and piano) 1 movement, c.6’
’Shadows’ (viola, double bass [or ‘cello] and piano) 1 movement c. 3’30”
‘In Touch’ (clarinet, ‘cello and piano) 3 movements, c.9’
‘Party Piece’ (clarinet and 2 violas) 1 movement, c.4’30”
’These Lovers’ (flute and ‘cello) 1 movement, 5’30”
‘Divisibility’ (for COMA ensemble) c.2′ see the COMA website
‘Miniataur’ 2017 (bass clarinet, ‘cello and 1 timp.) 1 movement c.1’40”
‘Fauxsong’ (guitar, violin and ‘cello) 5’30”

‘Ariadne’ 2024 (bass clarinet and piano) 1 movement 4’30”
‘Adding Up’ 2022 (flute, B flat clarinet and piano) 4 movements c. 7′
‘Mimes’ (A or B flat solo clarinet) 1 movement 5′
‘Three Cafés’ (B flat clarinet and piano) c. 6′
‘Contretemps’ (Bassoon solo) 1 movement 2’30”
‘Grounds’ (oboe and string orchestra) 3 movements, c. 8′
‘Simplicius Simplicissimus’ (clarinet and string orchestra or piano) 1 movement, c. 6′
‘Clarinet Sonata’
(clarinet and piano) 3 movements, c.10’
’Sonata Serenata’ (flute and piano) 3 movements, c.11’
‘Contra’ 2019 (piano and wind quartet) 1 movement, 6’30”
‘Disturbed Nights’ (solo oboe or oboe with string trio) c.6’30”
’Tatiesque’ (trio for flute, oboe and piano) 1 movement, c.4’
‘Americana’ (2 flutes, 2 alto flutes and bass flute) 3 movements, c.7’
Last Dance’ (4 flutes) one movement, 4’30”
‘Brief Encounters’ (flute and viola ) 3 movements, c.6’
‘Coronach’ (treble recorder and harpsichord) 1 movement, c.5’
’These Lovers’ (flute and ‘cello)  1 movement, c.5’30″
‘Trivia’ (two clarinets) three pithy movements c.4′
‘Labyrinth’ (cor anglais and piano) 1 movement c. 4′
‘Romcon’ (trio for flute, clarinet and bassoon) 1 movement  c. 3’30”
‘Overture, Tragedy and Farce’ (wind ensemble) 3 movements c. 5’30”

‘Chidiock’s End’  (brass quintet) 3’00
(tuba and piano) 2’30”
‘A Walk with Ingres’ Wife’
(brass quintet) c.7’
‘Mouthpiece’ (trumpet and piano) 3’
‘This World’ (choir and two trumpets)  10′

‘Escape’ (piano solo) 2022 2’30”
‘Marcel Morceaux’ (piano solo) 2018 3 movements, 6’30”
‘Period Pieces’ (piano solo) 2020 5’30” 4 short movements (Allemande, Courante, Sarabande and Gigue)  Also in a version for for string trio
‘Variations’ (piano solo) c.12’
‘Lost in Translation’ (piano solo) one movement, 3’
‘Veiled Lightning’ (organ) one movement, c.7’
‘Footnote’ (organ) one movement, Handel-inspired, 3’

‘Take Two’ (guitar duo) 1 movement, 2’30”
‘Crossings’ (2020) for viola and guitar 1 movement, c.5’00”


Song Cycles
‘Before and After’ (baritone and piano) 2021. Two poems by Isaac Rosenberg. The first was written before WWI and the second soon before his death at the front in 1918.
‘Strange Bridge’ (voice and piano) 2021. Three songs to words by Edward Thomas, c.7 mins
‘Friulian Songs’ (mezzo soprano and piano) 2020 Two songs in the lovely Friulian dialect of Italian, c. 5′
‘Both Beauties’ (high voice and piano) Poems by Shakespeare, Herrick, Tennyson and Marvell, c.10’
‘Envoi’ (high voice with string orchestra) Poems by Quarles, Tichborne, Southwell and Shakespeare, c.12’
‘Voices from the Sea’ (tenor and string orchestra) Poems by merchant seamen, c.20’
‘Portions of Eternity’ (high voice and piano) 3 texts by William Blake, c.7’
‘The Unknown Bird’ (baritone voice with flute, viola and harp) 3 poems by Edward Thomas, c.10’
‘Kiss Me on Wednesday: Seven Songs for Grownups’ (cabaret songs for voice and keyboard) with wise and witty words by Alison Rutherford

‘The Song of Three’ (baritone and piano), 4′
‘Rintrah Roars’ (soprano voice with harp and piano) words by William Blake, 2’
‘Silk Road’ (tenor voice with violin, viola, ‘cello and piano) words by Sarah Pope, c.5’
‘The Bed Bug’ (soprano voice, 2 clarinets, viola, ‘cello, double bass) words by Tony Harrison, c.3’


‘Sea Symphony’ (double wind, brass, percussion (1), harp and strings)  3 movements, c.24’
‘Laments and Scherzos’ (chamber orchestra 2 obs, 2 hns, strings) 2 movements, c. 10′
‘Another Orpheus’ (string orchestra) 1 movement, c.9’
‘Urizen’ (version for viola solo with chamber orchestra) 1 movement, c.9’
‘Grounds’ (oboe and string orchestra) 3 movements, c. 8′
‘Time after Time’ (2018)  Pic, Fl, Ob, Ca, 2 Bsn, Contrabsn, 4 Hn, 3 Trpt, 2 Trmbn, Bass Trmbn, Tba, Timp, Perc, Hp, Str., 4’40”


‘Echoes’ a chamber opera commissioned by Covent Garden’s ‘Garden Venture’ series (two sopranos, mezzo-soprano and  tenor voices with chamber group of flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, trombone and harp), c.25’


‘Virtue, Denial, The Call and Doomsday’ (SATB) poems by George Herbert, c.7’
’The Seafarer’ (tenor soloist with SATB choir and chamber orchestra – fl/ob/cl/bsn/hn/tpt/timp/strings) words from the Anglo Saxon poem ‘The Seafarer’ and ‘Unwritten Letter’ by Liverpool writer George Garrett, c.30’
’This World’ (SATB choir and 2 trumpets) Words from William Blake and the Book of Job, c. 9’
‘Perhaps in Hope’ (SATB) Anthem for Remembrance Day. Words by Penny Britten, c.5’
’Sense and Nonsense’ (SATB choir) Words by Mervyn Peake, c.12’
Psalm 139 (women’s voices and organ) c.4’
‘Gospel and Collect’ (high voices and organ) c. 2’30” Words from the prayer book: ‘O Lord, help us, We perish’
‘Another New Year’ (SATB) Words from a victorian hymn with sour asides, c.3’
The Song of Three‘ (SATB plus violin, flute and sometimes clapping chorus) based on Sussex folk song and one of Kipling’s poems about Sussex, c. 5′


‘Zoo Tunes’ (piano) Published by Boosey & Hawkes, one of the pieces was twice chosen for grade 2 by the Associated Board
‘Tales from King Arthur’ (intermediate piano 4 hands)
‘The Circus Ghosts’ (workshop opera)
‘Snail’s Trails and Dragon’s Tails’ (children’s voices and easy strings)
‘Parades’ (trumpet and piano published by Faber Music)
‘Samba-Cha’ and ‘Least said…’  (trumpet and piano – Stainer and Bell)
Plus various pieces for woodwind instruments and piano published by Boosey & Hawkes and Faber Music