John Hawkins Music

‘Hawkins writes in a sound-language which can be enjoyable and even compelling, ensuring communication at a first hearing’


Looking forward/ Looking Back

On Monday 19th November, Siân Philipps’ recital for violin and piano at Blackheath Concert Halls included my ‘Looking Back‘ which I wrote for her and which she premiered two years ago in London. The concert also included music by Mendelssohn and Grace Williams.


‘Tri’ is for six violas which is unusual but these three pieces exploit the wonderful rich sound which the combination produces. The many performances of ‘Tri’ include those given by students at the Royal Academy, London, the Royal Welsh School of Music and Drama and The Guildhall School of Music and Drama. The Guildhall is again including ‘Tri’ as part of its viola day on 16th November.


‘Grounds‘ is a new concertino for oboe and string orchestra. The three short movements are based on different ground bases which develop into increasingly florid and passionate music.

A Walk with Ingres’ Wife

A just-rewritten movement for brass quintet (2 trumpets, horn, trombone and tuba).
The title comes from an essay On the Exploitation of Vulgarity (1914) by the artist Wyndham Lewis in which he quotes a story about the French painter Ingres:

“When an ugly or uncomely person appeared on the horizon of their daily promenade, Ingres’ careful wife would raise her shawl protectingly and he would be spared a sight that would have offended him. … Today the artist’s attention would be drawn, on the contrary, to anything particularly hideous or banal as a thing not to be missed.”

In this short piece (approx. 7 minutes) I imagine such a walk, with Mme Ingres’ poise broken by increasingly frantic evasions!

John Hawkins composer

John Hawkins studied composition with Malcolm Williamson and Elisabeth Lutyens. He has written many chamber, vocal and orchestral pieces, which have been performed worldwide, as well as successful music for children,